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Introduction to desktop fonts from Typekit

For four years, Typekit has given you access to a library of premium web fonts; now we’re bringing together fonts for desktop and web in a single subscription. You are now able to sync fonts from Typekit to your desktop via Adobe Creative Cloud and use them in all your applications for web mockups, print design, word processing, and more.

Desktop font sync is available on all Creative Cloud and Typekit subscriptions; read the system and subscription requirements for details.

Get a preview

Watch this screencast for a preview of how it works:

Read more about font syncing on the Typekit blog: The fonts you love from Typekit, now on your desktop.

Explore the desktop fonts

Many of the fonts in the Typekit library are available for desktop use, starting with font families from some of the top-tier foundries. Note: not all of the weights and styles available for web will also be available for desktop.

Browse desktop fonts on Typekit

Frequently asked questions

For common questions about Typekit font licensing, please refer to the font licensing help page.

Will I download the fonts and install them on my computer?

You won’t need to download and manage any files. The Creative Cloud application automatically installs the fonts in the appropriate location depending on the operating system. While your subscription is active, the fonts you sync will be available for use in the font menu from any of your desktop applications.

Can I sync fonts from Typekit to more than one computer?

Yes. You may sync fonts from your Typekit account to two different computers from the same Adobe ID.

Will I have to be online to use the fonts I’ve synced?

Synced fonts are available for offline use as long as the Creative Cloud application is running in the background. Quitting the app will make the synced fonts temporarily unavailable.

Will I be able to use desktop fonts in any application, or only in Adobe apps? Can I use them in CS6?

Desktop fonts synced from Typekit are available in all your desktop applications, including older versions of the Creative Suite and even non-Adobe applications.

What happens to my desktop fonts if my subscription ends?

Fonts that you get via desktop sync will be available on your desktop as long as your Creative Cloud subscription is active. If you discontinue your subscription, desktop fonts from Typekit will be removed. To continue using the fonts in the documents you created, you’ll need to purchase the necessary license from the foundry or an authorized reseller.

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