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Typekit font licensing

There are two ways to use Typekit. Typekit desktop fonts work in applications like Photoshop and Microsoft Word, while Typekit web fonts allow you to use fonts on the web to style HTML text. Each has their own license, which you can read here: Typekit Services Agreement.

Font licensing can be complicated. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions we’ve heard from our users. If you have any further questions, feel free to email at:

Can I embed Typekit desktop fonts in a PDF or ebook?

Yes. Desktop fonts from Typekit are licensed for embedding in any ebook format which embeds and adequately protects the font data such as EPUB, iBooks, Kindle (mobi), Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite (DPS), and PDF.

Any ebook authoring workflow which requires the user to move the font files themselves is not allowed under the Typekit Services Agreement, however.

Note that sync fonts work in iBooks Author v2.1.1 (and higher). In earlier versions of this program, the fonts are not packaged correctly when exported, and will be missing from the iBooks file.

Can I use Typekit desktop fonts for client work such as creating business cards and logos?

Yes. You can design and print with Typekit desktop fonts. This would include generating a PDF, EPS file, or bitmapped file such as a JPEG or PNG.

Can I use Typekit web fonts for my client’s websites?

Using Typekit to serve fonts for client sites is permitted on Business plans only. Business plans support an unlimited number of websites with any number of fonts per site. The only limitation on these plans is for pageviews; plans begin at 2M pageviews a month.

An alternative is to set up a Typekit account for each of your clients or ask them to establish one during development. This allows the Typekit fonts to be one of the deliverables that you hand off to the client when the project is completed. It also attaches the annual Typekit subscription fee to your client's billing information instead of your Typekit plan.

Can I use Typekit web fonts for anything other than a website?

No. Our web font license requires that the fonts be added to a website with the Typekit embed code. If the website or web app is viewed in the browser (either on the desktop or on a mobile device), it's covered by the web fonts license.

You can’t use web fonts to generate images for offline use. You may, however, use fonts synced from Typekit to create web mockups and generate images for use on your website.

Can I embed Typekit desktop fonts in a mobile or desktop app I’m building?

No. Neither the Typekit sync font license or web font license allows you to embed the fonts within mobile or desktop apps. Currently, this requires the appropriate license to be purchased directly from the foundry or one of their authorized resellers.

Can I use desktop fonts for t-shirts, posters, and other printed merchandise that I’m going to sell commercially?

Yes. You can use Typekit desktop fonts for any kind of project, whether you’re designing a t-shirt for a friend or a record cover for a client.

Can I use Typekit desktop fonts to create images?

Yes. You can use any Typekit desktop font in any desktop tool (like Adobe Photoshop) to create images, which you can then use for any purpose.

Can I embed Typekit desktop fonts in Flash apps, websites, or videos?

Yes, Typekit desktop fonts can be embedded in SWF files and AIR applications using authoring applications like Flash Professional.

Can I use Typekit desktop fonts in the production of video content?

Yes, you can use Typekit desktop fonts to produce video content for in-house or broadcast use, using tools like Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe After Effects.

I use the InDesign packaging capability to send documents out for printing. Will Typekit desktop fonts be compatible with this workflow?

No. Because of the way Typekit desktop fonts are managed by the Creative Cloud application, InDesign’s packaging capability will not work reliably with Typekit desktop fonts. Furthermore, the Typekit Services Agreement does not permit Typekit desktop fonts to be transferred to another user or computer that isn’t already licensed for that font.

The "Packaging files that use synced fonts" help page has more information on this.

We’re working to make Typekit desktop easier to use with InDesign’s packaging capability. For now, you can export a PDF and send this to the printer, or the print bureau can easily use the same fonts if they have a Typekit account or full Creative Cloud subscription.

Are Typekit desktop fonts also available with a traditional perpetual license?

Yes, but not via Typekit. If you want to purchase a perpetual license for any of Typekit’s desktop fonts, you can obtain one from the foundry directly or from an authorized reseller.

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