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Update your Typekit login to Adobe ID

If your Typekit subscription is part of a Creative Cloud membership, or if you signed up for a Typekit plan after April 4, 2012, you’re already using an Adobe ID as your account credentials. All new Typekit accounts created after that date were required to use an Adobe ID.

Older Typekit accounts will need to connect an Adobe ID in order to keep using Typekit. (Why?)

Updating your Typekit account to use an Adobe ID won't require you to change anything about the plan you're currently enjoying. Changing your account login does not affect the kits on your account; fonts will be served to your websites without interruption.

You will see two options when you sign in to

Choose whether you would like to sign in with an Adobe ID or with a Typekit account.

Choose “Sign into a Typekit account”:

Once you sign in with a Typekit account, you will see a screen prompt to connect an Adobe ID.

After signing in, you will be prompted to update your account to an Adobe ID.

Step 2 of the account update process is to either sign in with an existing Adobe ID, or create a new one.

You may defer updating your account by choosing “Ask me again later”.

When you are ready to update, choose “Connect your Adobe ID and Typekit accounts”. On the next screen, you will be asked to confirm that you are signed in with the correct Typekit email address, and then be prompted to sign in with an existing Adobe ID or create a new one.

The final step is for the user to confirm that the Typekit account should be linked to the Adobe ID.

If you already have an Adobe ID, click the blue button to sign in with your Adobe ID email and password. If not, click “Create one now” and proceed through the required fields in the form. Note that you may create an Adobe ID with the same email you use for Typekit already; you don’t need to use a different email address.

Finally, you will see a confirmation page that displays your Typekit login information next to the Adobe ID that will replace it. If you need to make any changes, use the “Sign in to a different account” links. If the account information is correct, click the green button to update your account.

A confirmation that you have successfully linked your Typekit login to your Adobe ID.

Your Typekit account is now linked to your Adobe ID, and you are signed in with the new account email address and password.

Going forward, you will need to use your Adobe ID credentials to log in to, so be sure to update any password management tools you might be using.

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