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We add new fonts to the Typekit library all the time. Fonts are carefully evaluated before being added to the library, and we often work closely with our foundry partners to optimize fonts for the web before releasing them. We have a preference for great text faces, but will also accept outstanding display faces. We do not typically accept pixel fonts, grunge fonts, ornaments, or dingbats.

You may request a particular font by sending a note to

Icon/Symbol Fonts

Typekit is committed to serving fonts in a standards-based, accessible manner. As such, our current policy is not to admit icon or symbol fonts to the library. Using such fonts on the web requires that you map the symbols to characters in the alphabet (e.g., a shopping cart icon may be mapped to the letter “B”). Doing so is both non-semantic and inherently inaccessible. If for some reason the font failed to load, a user would see a “B” instead of the shopping cart. Worse, even if the font did load correctly, a screenreader would read the “B” and have no idea that it means “shopping cart.”

The new version of Unicode promises a much expanded set of values for icons, so the future is bright. In the mean time, we will continue to look for an accessible means of supporting these kinds of fonts.

Web-Safe Fonts

Web-safe fonts – such as Arial, Courier, Georgia, Times New Roman, and Verdana – are commonly installed on a wide range of operating systems. The availability of these fonts means that they can be used on any website even though they are not included in the Typekit library. No additional code is needed to use a web-safe font; simply add the family name to your CSS stack:

body {  
     font-family: "Times New Roman", Times, Georgia, serif;

These fonts are also good choices to use as fallback fonts because they are available on most user machines.

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