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Language Support & Subsetting

The fonts in the Typekit library include support for many different languages. You can filter for fonts that support a specific language (or combination of languages) from the Language Support section on Japanese fonts can be filtered using the Script button, and support various combinations of kanji and kana character sets, which are indicated on each family detail page.

Screenshot showing browse by language sidebar

Screenshot of family page showing language support

Once you've selected the font(s) you want and added them to your kit, choose the appropriate character set for your website:

  • Default character set: all the characters required for English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  • All Characters set: all the glyphs in the font files, including all of the supported languages for that font family.
  • Dynamic Subsetting: the Typekit JavaScript generates a custom subset containing only the characters in use on your website. This option is required for Japanese fonts, and may optionally be applied to other web fonts in the same kit.
  • Language Subsetting: create a custom subset with the specific languages that you will be using on your website.

The OpenType Features checkbox adds any supported OpenType features to your kit; it can be used along with any of the Character Set options. Click the “?” icon to see which OpenType features your font includes; read more about Using OpenType features in CSS.

The Vertical Features checkbox adds the OpenType features to support vertical text in Japanese fonts.

kit editor subsetting options

Remember to republish your kit after making any changes.

Note that the Type Tester tool does not currently include the full Latin character set, so you will not be able to preview diacritics or other international characters on the Typekit website. These help pages list the minimum character set for each of the supported languages:

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