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Questionicon   Adding fonts to your website
Adding fonts to your website is quick and easy: If you don't have a Typekit subscription yet, sign up for any...

Questionicon   Browser and OS support
Web Font Serving Fonts from Typekit work in all browsers which support web fonts on Mac OS X, Windows, an...

Questionicon   Embed Code
Default embed code Typekit’s standard embed code is a simple pair of <script> tags. The first is an...

Questionicon   Domains
When you create a kit, you will be asked to specify the domains on which that kit will appear. Typekit will on...

Questionicon   Using Typekit while developing locally
You can specify up to ten domains in your kit editor’s Kit Settings, including development domains, subdomains...

Questionicon   Dynamic kits & East Asian web font serving
Typekit developed dynamic kits to accommodate East Asian font serving at Typekit. The large size of East Asian...

Questionicon   Optimize performance: extend kit cache time
The kit JavaScript is cached for 10 minutes by default. We use such a short cache time so that you can update ...

Questionicon   Using multiple kits on your site
While it’s often possible to add more than one kit to a webpage, we do not recommend it. It's almost always mo...

Questionicon   Working with CSS selectors
A CSS selector is used to declare which elements a style applies to. In Typekit, you can specify the selectors...

Questionicon   Specifying fallback fonts
If a user’s browser doesn’t support Typekit or the web fonts cannot load for any reason, the fallback fonts in...
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